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Naked eye 3D solution and case sharing

With the theme of "Welcome to the era of drastic changes in the LED display industry", the large-screen display Hundred Forums event will gather representatives of upstream and downstream companies...

Tecnon Optoelectronic LED industry brand tour activities

LED display market opportunities in the post-pandemic eraTecnon Optoelectronic cooperated with LED companies to go all over the country...

Tecnon Optoelectronic Exhibition Tour

As the most important cultural undertaking of the entire industry, as the top priority of cultural undertakings, the stage industry has played the treasure of the Chinese nation indomitable spir...

Tecnon Optoelectronics "added glamour" for the Spring Festival Gala and the Winter Olympics

Tecnon EXCO-Vision , a subsidiary of Tecnon stock, Apollo series display screens showed their real and natural colors in 2022 CCTV Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala. The power and signal du...

Tecnon XR screen 720-degree immersive stage beauty tops the Spring Festival Gala

In 2022, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala took the forefront of innovation and technology. This year's Gala used LED screens to create a 720-degree immersive dome space for the first time, formed a highl

EV ultra-thin smart all-in-one screen "Beauty with Standards and Smartness"

EV ultra-thin smart all-in-one screen supports wireless screen projection, high-definition video conference, multi-screen interaction, whiteboard writing, network TV IPTV and other functions.

EV Series Free interaction High-level meeting experience

Tecnon Display LED touch smart all-in-one screen integrate intelligent conference, video conference, infrared touch and other conference functions, bring the ultimate conference experience, improve co